2006 caribou

I am a true outdoor enthusiast who encourages everyone to get outside and enjoy what this planet has to offer. To this day my earliest memory is when I was 3-4 years old and my dad took me Crawdad hunting/fishing. From that day forward all I wanted to do is be outside.

My only education came from O/U, Outdoor University. I have hunted and spent time outdoors in  Africa, New Zealand, Argentina, Alaska, Mexico, Canada, Australia, China, Hawaii, the Caribbean  and all over the mainland United states.

I love accompanying and guiding my friends and clients on their dream trips and adventures.

I was the General Manager of the Mule Deer Foundation of 5 years and raised millions of dollars for wildlife.

I’ve lived the life of 100 men. If I can take a kid hunting or fishing, or introduce a women to the outdoors I feel like I am contributing to the preservation and conservation of all wildlife. I challenge each and everyone of you to get outside and take someone with you. This earth has so much to offer and very few even begin to scratch the service.