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Freedom of Speech



What has always amused me (not in a good way) is those that believe their First amendment rights take priority over others First amendment rights. The First amendment is the first for a reason. Without it the USA would be just another country subject to its leaders will and imprisoned for openly expressing disagreement of the motherland.

What sets the United States apart from all other country’s is we have individual rights which is what the Bill of Rights is all about. Protecting the individual is the very basis for the constitution of the United States.  We as a nation are greater because we can state our opinions and thoughts without the risk of LEGAL retribution.  We can say what we want, when we want, and pretty much where we want, and that right is protected by the law.

What people are missing is that even though the law protects your right to free speech it also protects the rights of those that disagree with you.  In other words you can state pretty much anything you want (except threats) and you will not be punished for it by the laws of the land. It also protects those that think you are a moron or a bigot or a racist or ignorant for the things you say and/or do. Continue reading

In Defense of Aryanna Gourdin

Tony Abbott defending youth hunter on The Big Outdoors Radio Show

Hunting is a major part in wildlife conservation. Hunters spend billions of dollars a year on equipment, licenses, hotel rooms, gasoline, air travel, ammunition and so much more. The dollars generated by hunters licenses and tax goes directly toward wildlife projects, animal transplants, conservation studies, radio collaring for animal migration data, endangered species protection efforts, etc. These dollars pay for biologist time, efforts and expertise to the preservation of wildlife and their habitats. Legal and managed hunting is an integral part of maintaining sustainable herd populations.

When people make statements about anti hunting and killing animals it is typically in ignorance and because of misinformation. I have been in the hunting world most of my life and personally seen and experienced the wonderful things hunters have done for wildlife. Hunters are the true conservationist and put their money where their mouth is. The VAST majority of wildlife projects are funded and completed by hunters donations, dollars and license sales. Without hunting we would have little to no wildlife. Hunters are the first conservationists.  Continue reading

My friend Sloan


Jerry Sloan has been a friend of mine for nearly 20 years. I have gotten to know him in ways many will never get the chance to. He is as genuine a person as I have ever associated with. I wrote a great article on his and mines relationship. You can read it at the link below in The Daily Herald.

Making memories with my friend Jerry Sloan


Why We Hunt


For those of you that hunt you understand the dynamics of America’s oldest pastime. For those of you that don’t these comments are for you.

Hunting has been around since the beginning of mankind. Slings and spears were the original weapons of choice and now it is  rifles, muzzle loaders and compound bows. Whatever your weapon of choice is “The Hunt” is much more important then the killing. Continue reading

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