What has always amused me (not in a good way) is those that believe their First amendment rights take priority over others First amendment rights. The First amendment is the first for a reason. Without it the USA would be just another country subject to its leaders will and imprisoned for openly expressing disagreement of the motherland.

What sets the United States apart from all other country’s is we have individual rights which is what the Bill of Rights is all about. Protecting the individual is the very basis for the constitution of the United States.  We as a nation are greater because we can state our opinions and thoughts without the risk of LEGAL retribution.  We can say what we want, when we want, and pretty much where we want, and that right is protected by the law.

What people are missing is that even though the law protects your right to free speech it also protects the rights of those that disagree with you.  In other words you can state pretty much anything you want (except threats) and you will not be punished for it by the laws of the land. It also protects those that think you are a moron or a bigot or a racist or ignorant for the things you say and/or do.

Now that we have addressed that lets now address the consequences of your comments and opinions because they always come with consequences even if those are unintended.

This whole new “SAFE PLACE” mentality that the millennials are promoting is about as big of joke as anything or any movement I have ever witnessed in my 46 years on this planet. What is a “safe place”? A “safe place” is a place for people to hide from repercussions of there own opinions, comments and actions.

OWN IT! What do these two words mean?

What they mean is if you think it, believe it, say it, and express it then you need to “OWN IT” from top to bottom. You shouldn’t express it and then run from others rights to comment on it or punish those that speak against you. You need to toughen up and take the medicine you ask for when you opened your mouth and exercised your First Amendment right.

I am a white, male, christian, heterosexual, gun toting, law abiding citizen that hunts and fishes for a living. I have paid my taxes, contributed to society, obeyed the laws of the land and donated tens of thousands of dollars to non profit charities for most of my adult life. If any of this offends you then that is a YOU problem. I chose the path and the life I have lived and am living and I take full responsibility for ALL of my actions of the last 46 years.

I have made some good choices and decisions and I have made some poor and questionable choices and decisions in my life, but I have NEVER blamed someone else for those decisions and I have NEVER run and hid from the consequences of those choices, and I don’t need a “safe place”.

I am not a super wealthy man as far as money goes, I am not a politician, I am not an athlete, I am not anything special. But do you know what I am? I am ME.  I make No excuses for the life I live and the things I say and I really could not care less what any of you think of that.

In today’s “politically correct” society people want to say what they want but they don’t dare because they don’t want to face the music for the things they say.  The media is the biggest problem with today’s world. The media skews EVERY story to fit their agenda, and then when someone or some organization differs from what is “politically correct” the media turns into a lynch mob.

Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers is all over the news this week for CHOOSING to sit during the National Anthem in protest of how he believes black america is being treated. What he is doing is protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. I fully support Kaepernick’s right to do so.

Kaepernick has a platform simply because he is in the NFL and he CHOSE for whatever reason to take a stance now and this is the platform he is using. Kaepernick is at the end of his not so successful NFL career. He is in the midst of a $114 million dollar contract of which $61 million is GUARANTEED. What that means is regardless of his performance he has enough money for his life and the life of many of his generations after him if he is wise in the way he handles this good fortune.

He has made the vast majority of that money off of white America and cooperate America. He plays under stadiums protected by law enforcement in a country protected by a military that puts their lives at risk every minute they do their job. He plays a game, makes a great living and was raised by white parents who adopted him and love him.

Kaepernick knows his career is nearly over, he has a need to stay relevant and so even though he can’t perform on the NFL playing field any longer he knows he can make a final splash by speaking his opinion while he has his last 15 minutes in the spotlight. He expressed his First Amendment right and he used his position to do so. Bravo I say for this right.

Now the repercussions of his actions will sort this all out. Kaepernick will likely be released or cut or let go. It won’t be because he exercised his First amendment rights, it will be because he cannot play any longer. I also believe Kaepernick will not be part of any other NFL team, and this I believe because he did exercise is First Amendment right. And this is the unintended consequence of his actions. Every NFL team has the right to not sign him in the best interest of the team and the NFL and the “betterment” of the league. He will probably lose endorsement deals or not get any new ones as well because he chose to be ignorant. He will be shunned by players and the public because Colin is simply not a smart person.

Behind closed doors and in locker rooms if the players and media were honest they would say Kaepernick made a mistake. Not by exercising his right but by the manner in which he did it. At minimum it was offensive and disrespectful to this country and the men and women who serve, have served, will serve and have given their lives for Kaepernicks right to protest like he did.

Kaepernick broke no laws, he committed no crime but he certainly pole vaulted himself back into relevance. In doing so he offended most of this country and disrespected the very flag that represents the freedom he expressed.

There is a time and a place for everything. Whether there are injustices to the black community or discrimination by white America  will be debated long after every person reading this has died and turned back into dust.

IMO Colin Kaepernick is a spoiled, overpaid, average at best NFL QB. He knows his ship is sinking and that shortly he will be out of the spotlight and no longer relevant in the sports world. He won’t be an analyst or a coach. He won’t have a mic in his face and he won’t have an audience to address. He will be just another athlete who made a lot of money and is now starving for attention.

Kaepernick is not a hero or a role model or even a very smart person. He is RICH. He offended the millions that made him rich and the hundreds of thousands that protect his right to offend those millions by being ignorant. Yes I called him ignorant and I make no excuse for it. He is ignorant or at the very least his actions were ignorant to the people that made him rich and relevant.

Colin I hope somehow this article makes it to your laptop or tablet or I-phone. I hope you read it and hear what I am saying. What I am saying is what you don’t want to hear. You are IGNORANT. Your actions are ignorant and the way you presented it was ignorant. Your message is a topic that should be discussed but the way you chose to discuss it was classless IMO. You are a poor representative of the NFL and the SF Niners.  And at the end of the day you will fade off into the history books as just another pro athlete who never understood and respected how they made the fortunes and fame they enjoy.

And in the end Colin, I will support your right to be ignorant and offensive and disrespectful. I will defend it even until death because I believe this country is only great because you have the right to be an ignorant, unappreciative and offensive.

Colin I will protect your First Amendment right with the 2nd Amendment if needed. I will protect it with my right to keep and bear arms. After all Colin, your First Amendment right is no right at all if you or I have no way of protecting it. You are not special or cool or even a role model. You are finished in the NFL or on the doorstop of being finished and soon you won’t be talked about.

Enjoy your final 15 minutes.