In Defense of Aryanna Gourdin

Tony Abbott defending youth hunter on The Big Outdoors Radio Show

Hunting is a major part in wildlife conservation. Hunters spend billions of dollars a year on equipment, licenses, hotel rooms, gasoline, air travel, ammunition and so much more. The dollars generated by hunters licenses and tax goes directly toward wildlife projects, animal transplants, conservation studies, radio collaring for animal migration data, endangered species protection efforts, etc. These dollars pay for biologist time, efforts and expertise to the preservation of wildlife and their habitats. Legal and managed hunting is an integral part of maintaining sustainable herd populations.

When people make statements about anti hunting and killing animals it is typically in ignorance and because of misinformation. I have been in the hunting world most of my life and personally seen and experienced the wonderful things hunters have done for wildlife. Hunters are the true conservationist and put their money where their mouth is. The VAST majority of wildlife projects are funded and completed by hunters donations, dollars and license sales. Without hunting we would have little to no wildlife. Hunters are the first conservationists. 

Threats against anyone is uncalled for and childish, but when it is against a 12 year child it becomes even more despicable. This child was raised in an environment to love and respect wildlife and to also understand the important role hunters play in the long term health of any herd.  Those that are threatening this child are portraying her as a blood thirsty killer….. isn’t it ironic the very people calling this murder are threatening this child’s life?

Jeff Flocken of the International Animal Welfare Fund was briefly quoted saying, “It’s 2016, we do not have to kill an animal to save it.”

It is this mindset that shows a complete lack of understanding on who the true conservationist are. People Like Jeff spend their money trying to stop people like Aryanna from spending their money to conserve wildlife.  If the anti hunters and animal rights groups spent the money on wildlife that they waste trying to  shut down actual conservation efforts, we could all work together on real  wildlife conservation.

Watch ABC NEWS 4 report on The Big Outdoors defense of Aryanna Gourdin and other wildlife conservationist like her.



  1. keep hunting little girl im sure one of those hunters out there will hunt u

    • Tony L your idiot what you have said are lies maybe you should be charge, Aryanna and Eli Gourdin should be charge also, you want to put food villagers in Africa give them your paycheck or that’s right you like killing the animals for sport feeding African villagers you lie.

  2. No, Tony – these wealthy got-nothing-better-to-do’s have the real option of simply donating that pretty penny to a conservation fund, instead of killing exotic animals, you know, like people who actually care about the animals would do.

    Hunters love to throw out mandatory licensing fees, taxes on equipment, etc., as justification – but the keyword here is ‘mandatory’. How many hunters do you know of that freely donate toward a conservation charity? Zero? From an entirely moral perspective, “You don’t give in order to receive.”

    If you are a Christian or Mormon, you are violating God’s law:

    Leviticus 11 & Deuteronomy 14

    Doctrine and Covenants 89: 12-13

    • Tony Abbott

      August 19, 2016 at 8:46 am

      Actually I myself have given THOUSANDS to wildlife conversation with nothing in return (meaning a tag or a permit). Also I know thousands of hunters that have given much much much more then the “license value” of an animal to wildlife. Wen someone writes a $300,000 check for 1 deer tag they are given a lot more to wildlife then they are taking.

      When someone leave $100,000 to a trust that nothing is expected or receive in return it is for wildlife.

      MY friend the list is endless of the people that support wildlife and conservation that are hunters that give freely of their means.

      And keep this in mind, if is was not for hunters and the tax revenue generated by them there would be little to no wildlife remaining for all people to enjoy.

      You are entitled to your opinion but that is all it is. You need to stop ignoring the facts that hunters are the true conservationists and fund the VAST majority of wildlife and conservation projects in this country and worldwide.

      Thanks for your comments.

      • You seem to know thousands of hunters (bull dust) and now you’re trying to brainwash us into believing that hunters are the only ones supporting conservation. That’s the excuse of all hunters and it’s a load of bull.

      • Mr. Abbott,
        Sadly, I believe you–and other men who make their livelihood through outfitting, selling weapons etc–need to recuse yourselves from commenting on this issue. Who cares about the thousands of dollars you may have spent on danations, fees etc? For you, these were simply the cost of doing business.
        The greater issue here, I believe, is that this girl is an online hooker-for-hire: a 12 year old girl being pimped by her own father and individuals like yourself to bring in money from corporate sponsors by posting photos of herself posing with kills. While that’s no more than what many models do, the difference here is that this child is selling death in a sexual way. That’s UNACCEPTABLE regardless of how many villages she feeds, and a revolting example of “dirty old men” using a variation of child porn to further their own agenda.
        Again, sadly, you and countless others obtusely argue this because it suits your mercenary agenda to continue this charade. But tell me this, honestly: if you had a child of this girls age and someone wanted to use her 12 YEAR OLD SEXUALITY to sell bows by parading her on the internet would you go for it? If you say yes, or don’t understand what I’m saying, you have no business weighing in on this issue.

        • Good comment- nature and wildlife regulate itself without humans help. Hypocrisy is the Word for hunters: Please wake up! You are outdated!

      • Your full of crap I hope all of you hunters that the devil comes after you and you get possessed and devil take over your body and your body will be tortured by devil and see how you like it I don’t give a damn what you people think what I said , stupid Aryanna that’s brainwash by her father I hope the devil visit you teach you a listen stop killing innocent animals, where’s the voodoo people

    • Great comment

      Way to shoot down a garbage defence of what is nothing but the pointless killing of animals

      Cheers to you sir Mark

    • Tony Abbott

      August 19, 2016 at 5:34 pm

      Actually I myself have given THOUSANDS to wildlife conversation with nothing in return (meaning a tag or a permit). Also I know thousands of hunters that have given much much much more then the “license value” of an animal to wildlife. Wen someone writes a $300,000 check for 1 deer tag they are given a lot more to wildlife then they are taking.

      When someone leave $100,000 to a trust that nothing is expected or receive in return it is for wildlife.

      MY friend the list is endless of the people that support wildlife and conservation that are hunters that give freely of their means.

      And keep this in mind, if is was not for hunters and the tax revenue generated by them there would be little to no wildlife remaining for all people to enjoy.

      You are entitled to your opinion but that is all it is. You need to stop ignoring the facts that hunters are the true conservationists and fund the VAST majority of wildlife and conservation projects in this country and worldwide.

      Thanks for your comments.

      • Dear Mr Abbot.
        Me and my dad just saw that you are involved in this trophy hunting discussions. And sadly enough we discovered that you defend the man with the 12 year old daughter posing with a dead giraffe. A giraffe that the daughter killed for fun.

        I am from a hunting family in Europe.
        And to respect living beings is one of the first things we teach our kids over here. You do not kill anything for fun.

        Hunting is one thing.
        But when dad brings you out pleasure hunting when you’re 12, then is it an totally different story. Don´t mix those two up, please.

        You can’t pay money to justify any killing.
        This has nothing to do with money. It is bigger than so. It’s something you can´t buy.

        Try to see beyond the money.

        Why do you, as a man and a real hunter, defend this behavior? You defend a man who brings his young daughter out on a pleasure hunting trip? It make no sense that you as a hunter would defend this people. Something seems wrong.

        regards from Mimi in France

        • The truth of the matter is that the % of money that goes back into animal conservation from hunting licenses etc is a mere 2-3%. A pittance compared to what regular photo viewing safaris brings into a country. This is fact and is documented frequently. While I understand that conservatories that are enclosed need to control their predator / prey numbers, allowing hunters to take out the biggest and best for their soul enjoyment and blood lust, defeats the objective of conserving the species. The gene pool is seriously depleted when the ‘trophy’ animals are killed. A prime example of this is that there are VERY few tuskers left and even less coming up in the ranks. Why? – because hunters want the biggest and best. There is zero justification in hunting endangered animals.

        • Right ON, Mimi! I’m tired of being referred to as an “anti-hunter” by those that try to salve their consciences by saying it’s “conservation”. My rule of thumb is this: will I personally be eating the meat? If not, there is no need for me to take this life–that type of hunter is no better than someone who owns a processing plan…

      • Your crap

  3. Thank you for that. I only wish the anti hunting crowd was willing to listen to facts. Unfortunately they’re not. Instead they call a sweet little 12 year old girl horrible names and openly wish for her to die.

    • Playing the “sweet little girl” card is a weak argument.

      Anyway you cut it, she’s killing animals unnecessarily.

      All the crapp about fees & charges doesn’t fly, & as has been stated in earlier posts, just make a donation

      Don’t try and play the little girl card in a vein attempt to down play the pointless killing, no matter her age or gender its just plain wrong

      Trophy hunting is abhorrent, period

      • Tony Abbott

        August 19, 2016 at 5:32 pm

        Opinions based on ignorance do not change the facts. A village was fed by this hunter as are many villages by people that hunt Africa. Hunting and hunters are the only reason that wildlife still flourishes in this day and age. My donations are countless and are in the tens of thousands for NOTHING in return. I doubt yours are the same. Yes I kill animals and I kill lots of them. All of them are used in their entirety and I feed hundreds of people a year with those animals and I put thousands into economy’s. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t make it any less relevant and important to wildlife and its habitats. I hunt for food and I hunt for Trophy’s and I do it legally. Your ignorance and hate towards hunting doesn’t change the results. And it certainly will ever justify death threats.

        • if you guys reAlly want to feed a village give them rice, meat and some money, how the f&$k does killing a giraffe feed them and more over you cant even preserve that meat for future use, unless that village has some huge refrigerators, so please dont give lame excuses for your hunting

          and as for aa your hunting, killing something from a safe distance using modern warfare doesnt make u a hunter, go on ur bare hands and kill it, i guess that’s what a real hunter does, i know you wont stop hunting, but please don’t encourage it or endorse it, and encouraging a small girl to hunt is pathetic, grow up man and if you had concentrated lil bit on your high school science you would’ve known that eliminating a speicies will cause devastating effects on whole bio-diversity, i hope you are educated person and hope you wont behave as educated fool … may god bless you

        • You are clearly a moron.. sorry but it is the truth…

        • Helena Destefani

          August 20, 2016 at 10:46 am

          This argument that it feeds the village reminds me of the older men in some countries that comes to a family and ‘buy’ their young daughter for marriage. Then they beat her almost up to death.
          You are the ignorant, soulless, evolution retarded, sir.
          Sorry for my bad english (as it is not my first language), but you are so disgusting that I can’t keep my mouth shut. I just hope that one day your soul will wake up and you become the evolved version of you, as you were meant to be.

        • Why don’t you give your money to them and those idiots hunters like I said it’s all about killing the animals for fun nothing to do with the villagers feeding them you stupid ass I hope the devil visit you animal killer

      • Well said, Mark. There is No justification for teaching a child that life is out there for her pleasure to extinguish for disturbing thrills.

    • I have no problem with Aryanna Gourdin per se–although it bodes poorly for her future mental health to be so enthralled with her own photos. However I think it’s sad she’s being pimped by her own father and bow corporations to make money . I didn’t realize trophy hunters were so into 12 year old girls and soft kiddy porn. It’s gross.

  4. hey. i cannot believe (well, maybe i can) that there are so many ignorant people making uninformed comments about people they do not even know. or for that matter, know anything about her, her family or her circumstance. we have become a world of haters, waiting for the next ‘thing’ to hate on. this is a kid who, after the haters destroy civilization, will have a survival skill that will keep her alive! i support this young lady and her family. keep on keeping on, aryanna, keep making us proud!

    • Whats to be informed about?

      Was she hunting for food? NO, she was hunting for “sport” if you can even call it that

      She’s a rich westerner killing animals for no other reason than fun on holidays, we don’t need to know the background as nothing justifies these actions

    • Another stupid moron lol god.. the world may be full of haters.. but the morons out number them all…

    • Helena Destefani

      August 20, 2016 at 11:27 am

      This argument that it feeds the village reminds me of the older men in some countries that comes to a family and ‘buy’ their young daughter for marriage. Then they beat her almost up to death.
      You are the ignorant, soulless, evolution retarded, sir.
      Sorry for my bad english (as it is not my first language), but you are so disgusting that I can’t keep my mouth shut. I just hope that one day your soul will wake up and you become the evolved version of you, as you were meant to be.

    • Survival skills? Do you think we are that stupid?

    • An animal that is determine to be eliminated because of conservation, can be eliminated quickly by park conservation authrities using a gun for a quick death. What many of us protest is hobbyists for the sake of the hobby use bow and arrows which torture the animal by a slow, and painful death. What we do not about Aryanna, is tgst she has been coached by her father to take up his sport. Girls by nature get their confidence mostly from their fathers. A young girl is not hoing to turn down soending time with her father 1:1, if it means validating him by taking up his sport. She automatically absorbs his pride because she validated his hobby and his ego. It is torture, regardless.

    • You are totally sick. Please come to Uganda and show me the worth of game hunting for conservation and learning survival skills. Your comments makes me violently sick.

    • The only Real-World survival skill Aryanna is learning is how to sell her body for money. That’s what her father is doing: prostituting her image and death to sell hunting bows to dirty old (and young) men. It’s the oldest trick in the book. The product positioning and her poses in the photos are classic, albeit crude. This practice–and those in the hunting community who defend it–are disgusting.

    • Hunting is the sport of cowards .your mentally ill . She must be home schooled .

    • Your an idiot , surviving my ass,you talk about surviving OK then all the hunters should not have a weapon and see what happens to them they wouldn’t survive they will be dead

  5. “Without hunting we would have little to no wildlife.”

    Exactly! And without drunk drivers, we wouldn’t appreciate making it home safely. So let’s hear it for hunters and drunk drivers!

  6. Nothing better than hunting with friends and family. Cherish that moment Aryanna. Don’t let these ill informed people discourage you! You did nothing wrong and you are a conservationist. Congrats on a fine trophy and memories to last a lifetime!

    To the people saying hunters don’t freely donate it just shows how little you know.
    Not only do hunters volunteer their time but they do in fact give large sums of money to wildlife related foundations. I’ve donated apparel to be raffled off etc and also have given plenty of money and time to wildlife conservation including improving water sources
    And habitat restorations.
    You anti hunter really are very clueless and you really should do some research before typing because it really makes u look dumb!

    It cracks me up that people threaten murder for a kid hunting an animal that feeds a village and calling her a murder. Or hoping she gets
    Hurt. Just shows you people watch way
    To many Disney movies and live in fantasy land

    • Ill informed I am not. I have worked in Africa for years and never heard such rubbish that hunting is an act of conservation and the fees bring wealth to the people. There are much better forms of conservation than trotting through the bush with a high power rifle. Hunting big game is a totally unnecessary ego trip. That a 12 year old girl is congratulated in doing this says much for the sick people around her.

    • I won’t be a frequent participant on your site Mr. Abbott – but a few thoughts on your response to “Mark”.

      First – there is no excuse for threats against any hunter regardless of how egregious their conduct may be in the eyes of those who are opposed (especially to the likes of “cage” hunters who make out like they are “hunters” when all they are really doing is slaughtering animals raised and gentled as are cage-farm lion cubs before being released when their manes reach a certain color and maturity. As in the following URL shows [copy it as an unbroken link, then paste it into your brower’s address bar] These “big game” animals are bred and raised NOT TO FEAR HUMANS – to be released into fenced acreage set up specifically for hunting animals that have not grown up “in the wild” nor have any avenue of escape! This – is the ‘prey’ of your trophy hunter – this why those opposed are opposed!!

      I do commend, Mr. Abbott, your description of interdicting poachers and also your financial support for wildlife refuges and conservation areas (notwithstanding my objections to hunting those areas as already stated elsewhere).

      So – that said – we both know Mr. Abbott that nothing said by those who oppose hunting in general and/or trophy hunting is going to change what you do or your mindset about it – just as the arguments you present in behalf of what you do is going to change the mindset of those who oppose it. I recognize that both your mindset and defense of what you do is intertwined with your livelihood.

      Perhaps though there is one point that might at least have the chance of influencing your viewpoint about how great is is to feed villagers with TROPHY hunter’s kills (doubtful anyone killing something like a boar/wild hog the hunter/huntress may in fact eat themselves to be compared to killing an elephant, giraffe, zebra or lion, etc.,) is going to give away the carcass to villagers – so that leaves only TROPHY hunters feeding the villagers by giving away their kills [minus trophy body parts] and congratulating themselves on feeding the locals n’ ces pas? There again is your ego-killer at work.

      So how long does one of those trophy-hunter kills last a village? Depends on the animal’s size of course – but a day? a few days? There IS a better way – and the animals of which you speak are hunter killed – are left alive!

      You know the old saying – “Give a man a fish and he feeds himself for a day – TEACH him to fish and he feeds himself (and his family) for life!”

      Get to know Heifer International ( This highly rated organization provides according to locale and culture an extraordinary range of animals (chickens, goats, water buffalo, cows, sheep, just to name a very few to be incorporated into a family’s life from which to obtain food or the basis to start a small business reselling eggs or milk or wool, from whatever starter animal, etc., they were given (training included!) – or – irrigation equipment (training included) if that is what is needed.

      Far better than relying on the kills of hunters to eat for a day or a few and the chance to become self-sufficient (and the wildlife continues alive as a living natural resource of their country!!)

      Wildlife is under attack from many directions Mr. Abbott. Shrinking habitat from human encroachment (settlements, burning forests as in the Amazon for farming, etc) – climate change (disappearing natural grazing or food sources, drying-up water lakes, streams, etc) – poaching (to satisfy such sources as being caused by traditional Chinese medicine practitioners demanding rhino horns, or elephant tusks for ivory carving, jewelry, etc) – over hunting being allowed and promoted by greedy and corrupt politicians selling one off one of their most precious resources in Africa for example – it’s wildlife.

      So-called “big game” species are dwindling at alarming rates especially in Africa. There are many other sources beyond these two that could be cited.

      You know this to be true.

    • Your idiot too, go hunter with out a weapon and let the predators Go after you wouldn’t survive it is for that stupid idiot girl I’m pretty sure you’re the same thing with the devil visit you

  7. Tony:

    B.S. Killing an animal for conservation, if absolutely becessary can be done with a gun. NOT AN ARROW THAT PROMOTES A SLOW, PAINFUL, TORTUROUS DEATH!!! It should not be open for hobbyists and should be done by conservation or park authorities ONLY!!!!!

  8. I have heard arguments on both sides, but this article was helpful in explaining the positives and negatives related to big game safari hunting. I don’t believe the facts support big game hunting – there are arguments for it, of course, but there are other ways to protect wildlife and killing them for support actually is not as beneficial as claimed by its proponents. Of course it’s difficult to convince anyone not to do something if that’s how they make their money. This counter-argument might be helpful. This quote was particularly striking: “Lions have lost 95 percent of their population since the 1940s.” I guess hunting has helped this how?

  9. I think what people are mostly up in arms about are the seemingly disrespectful ego-driven, self agrandizing photos that are being taken with these beautiful, graceful animals that are now dead and being “posed” so that Aryanna and her dad can be lauded online. THAT and the “arms in the air” poses of proud papa rub sone folks the wrong way. Hunt all you want, its legal after all, but just as I wouldn’t pose with my dead grandma, I think its in poor taste to “pose” an animal you just shot so you can feel proud about your kill. Wow. What a hobby to pass on to your beautiful daughter. I hope she outgrows it and soon.

  10. redneck, she has 12 yo, it’s too young to do this. .

    • Tony Abbott

      August 21, 2016 at 3:33 pm

      Do not use foul language on my site. If you want to act like an adult then I will let you interact, if you want to be ignorant and belligerent then go somewhere else. I took your foul words out.

      • You know what you are ignorant tony lying to people on the radio show about Africa and the wildlife stuff people know about the what the truth is and the ones that live in Africa and have gone investigation undercover so eat your own words is that adult enough for you

  11. …. She’s 12 old … She is not a scientist, not a biologist … just a little girl 12 needing to go to school, to study before deciding whitch savage animla must live or dye. How can’t you see that ??
    Has she a official mandat to be authorized to kill girafe ? No of course … she is nothing in reality, but maybe she thinks God … poor young girl. Please, help her to become a respectable adult.

  12. The notion of hunting being an act of conservation and that hunting licensing fees are critical in wildlife protection is simply sick. During many years of working in Africa, I have never heard such rubbish. General tourism contributes a hell of a lot more than hunting fees and the latter usually goes into the pockets of officials. Hunting does not do much for local employment not adds much value to local businesses. Hunting big game is as unnecessary to Africa as a hole in my head is to me. It is quite simply butchery by rich people with a huge ego and no respect for nature. At the very least, if you want to hunt, take a bow and arrow or a spear and show your bravery, like a Massai. Putting bullet into the brain or heart of an animal unprovoked only proves your lack of intellect. Your mind is lower than that of an animal.

  13. You are stupide aryana you believe save a animals its wrong you are how trump son when they have kill à beautiful lion

    • Tony Abbott

      August 21, 2016 at 3:31 pm

      Mike, I will let most things post on my site, but not the language you were using. If you want to interact here then be civilized and grown up. Don’t be ignorant.

  14. Aryanna Gourdin is very young and should be not be threatened, cursed, or condemned by those opposed to what she is doing as a hunter. As she matures, she may in fact come to view the animals she currently hunts-to-kill as more beautiful and graceful in life than any taxidermist can accomplish in preparing them to hang on a den wall. The most egregious error in advancing the argument Mr. Abbot does in attempting to justify is when it is put forth in behalf of Trophy Hunters which have NO redeeming value as “conservationists”! In point-of-fact, those who kill for trophies are the OPPOSITE of ‘conservationists’ because in wanting to kill only the best specimens of whatever they hunt – they remove those best genetics from the gene pool of that species which ultimately will result in poorer and poorer representatives of that species!

    Finally – someone hunting because they have no other food source to feed themselves or their family is one thing – BUT – no “hunter” who strikes a “pose” smiling with weapons displayed over the body of an animal they have killed is there for “conservation” or because necessity has forced them to resort to that end to feed themselves or their family!

    No – regardless of which of the smokescreen justifications those who pose with their kill – their ‘trophy’ – all spout – they are there to satisfy their blood-lust for killing an animal and taking pictures of it (or mounting heads on a wall) proves that all they are about is they kill and take pictures of it all to boost their EGOs as they tell and retell their stories of their hunting prowess!

    • Tony Abbott

      August 21, 2016 at 6:34 pm

      J Dagg, I have spent my entire adult life in conservation id wildlife and its habitat. You dont know me or the tens of thousands of dollars I have DONATED or the millions I have raised for wildlife. Stop pretending you do. As far as posing with the animals goes that is a personal opinion you are entitled to. I hunt because I enjoy the hunt, killing the animal is a result of hunting, I enjoy eating the animals I hunt, that is a result of hunting as well. I my friend sleep well at night and know that there is more wildlife in the world today because of my efforts then there would be if I never got involved. I will put my effort for wildlife up against anyones. HAve a good day J. Dagg.

      • As a former deer hunter – or should I say RE-FORMED deer hunter (I “grew up” around 35 yrs having outgrown killing wildlife anymore) – so I am all too familiar with the rationales and attempts to counter what I said with the same old “red herring” arguments that hunters (especially trophy hunters) have thrown up in defense of their “sport” for decades upon decades.

        You obviously somehow took what I said as a personal attack on you it based on your counter. I suggest you RE-READ what I said because nowhere in my original statement was there anything directed to you or at you – it was directed (in principle) to your “defense”!

        Next – your comment about your support of wildlife conservation “….the tens of thousands of dollars I have DONATED or the millions I have raised for wildlife. Stop pretending you do.”

        Please point out where in my original comments I ever attempted to compare our two conservation efforts (and as well – you don’t know ME sir or what I’ve donated or raised in support of conservation [wildlife and otherwise] so you have no basis for making such a comment!)

        It doesn’t matter whether you have donated one dollar or a million to wildlife conservation – if – you then go out and kill that wildlife – because such actions being done so in the name of “conservation” is in reality just wanting to perpetuate a population for hunting so that it is not decimated or driven to extinction by thrill-seeking or ego-satiating trophy hunters (as was done to the passenger pigeon population that once filled the skies but were slaughtered by the millions until driven to extinction) or the American bison which very nearly suffered the same fate.

        Bottom line – if you want to be a true wildlife conservationist do so but then don’t afterward go out and kill it while still maintaining that’s “wildlife conservation” when in point-of-fact the real purpose is to keep a renewing supply of wildlife to hunt so please don’t try to pass it off as “…there is more wildlife in the world today because of my efforts then there would be if I never got involved.” You may have yourself convinced of that – but the bottom line is still – preserving an abundance of wildlife to hunt and kill.

        I don’t have the luxury as the sole caregiver of a disabled spouse to respond quickly or even as thoroughly as I might like to do – but in closing, one other matter – the business of hunters posing with their kills which you acknowledge as an allowed “personal opinion” – but in doing so you avoided addressing my point regarding such behavior.

        Tell me – in relation to – “wildlife conservation”:

        (1) how does posing, smiling, killing weapon in hand, over or with the dead prey contribute to wildlife conservation? – vs- being nothing more than an overt display of ego satiation?

        (2) how does killing an animal not to be personally eaten contribute to “wildlife conservation” when all that is harvested from the carcass is its head or skin? – vs – being nothing more than to have “proof” of killing an animal in demonstration of the hunter’s need to brag about his/her hunting prowess in direct relation to their ego?

        (3) how does killing an African lion, leopard, cheetah, giraffe, zebra, elephant or any other “big game” animal (or in North America – a cougar, mountain goat/sheep, alligator, etc., even bear) for “sport” serve “wildlife” conservation and not just another example of ego display because these few wildlife examples aren’t killed to feed the hunter or his/her family – just thrill killing – just trophy hunting?

        Without any sarcasm intended – have a good day Tony Abbott

      • This world 🌎 probably end, thats god Beautiful creatures that he created that of been slaughtered by Evil people hunters, when that day comes those people would have to answer to God and you probably send them to hell for killing his beautiful creatures that he created in this world

  15. Elizabeth Baldwin

    August 21, 2016 at 5:05 pm

    Fact of the matter is, your argument doesn’t hold water, if it did there would be less endangered species. Call it what it is, some folks just like to kill stuff.

    The thrill of the hunt???? Lol PLEASE YOU hunt them down in trucks. No way did “little miss zero ethics and can’t wear makeup right” track down any of those kills she made. Just give it up, and admit it. You hunt to kill and don’t care.

    If you’re so committed to wildlife why don’t you try tracking down some poachers or the like? Or are they not defenseless enough for big boy you?

    • Tony Abbott

      August 21, 2016 at 6:29 pm

      I have turned in many many poachers and stopped many from poaching. I have also donated thousands of my own money to wildlife conservation without killing animals. With that said yes, I love to hunt, killing is a product of hunting just like feeding people the meat from the game I kill. I have given much more to the preservation an conservation of wildlife then most. YEs I enjoy hunting and I equally enjoy eating what I kill. If you dont like it that is your problem not mine. I do it legally and ethically in many many country’s. If you dont like it that is your issue.

  16. Tony, we contact you from South Africa. We are involved in conservation projects physically and financially. We give our money and use our land. Thus be aware we are opposed to hunting but we are certainly not ignorant. Firstly let us address the tsunami of angry comments directed at this 12 yr old Aryanna Gourdin. We do not condone comments of ‘shoot self’ etc. We think they don’t help matters but we understand why people are so angry they lost thinking whilst typing control in reaction to images. They are not actual threats..just reaction response. You hunters love that anger because you can then use it to cry to the media. The threats are not real. But your killing of animals sure is. We note your silence on the fact she posed with her foot on giraffe corpse with triumph on face and weapon held high. Guess you also advocate contempt and lack of respect to an animal’s corpse with your silence on that. Now let us address the claim about all the money into conservation. What a CON. Hunts take place on private land here in Sth Africa. Money from those hunts goes directly into the bulging bank account of owner. He or she uses it to maintain their wealthy lifestyle with multitude of cars, holiday homes in Cape Town, Mossel Bay, Hermanus Bay etc, a helicopter or private plane, oh and it also buys more animals to breed for the bullet. Not conservation. Not putting animals back into the wild. CON CON CON. We know many of the people running such places. Now lets address another lie hunters coming to Sth Africa make. The meat donation lie. NONSENSE. The hunter has paid to kill..and can keep the hide but the hunter has not paid for the flesh. This is kept by the owner..served in parts to guests and staff and rest is SOLD. Because Mr or Mrs Owner makes a lot of money from THAT too! Stop kidding yourself and others .sincerely Marisska of We Will Not Be Silenced About Hunters #WWNBSAH

  17. This Planet did fine millions of years without humans hunting.

    And now suddenly “hunting is a major part in wildlife conservation”…

    Give me a break….. If this wasn’t about killing living animals I’d crack up….

  18. hi tony. are you able to provide any scientific studies that back up your laughably ironic and wholly inaccurate assertion that killing animals is the best way to conserve wildlife? it is possible i admit that you do not understand the definition of the word “conservation”. i have read unbiased studies that prove that hunting so-called predators not only has little to no effect on the size of the predator population but also actually causes more loss to “prey” unintentionally. and of course no one can say five ten fifty or hundred years from now what the impact of even one animal or pack lost will do to an ecosystem. keep posting pablum good sir!

  19. Tony also suffers from brainwashing. He defends himself with apologies and always with his head in the sand. No knowledge and respect for the nature.A plunderer and macho-psychopath with a license to kill. Scum!

  20. Wait, so where’s your references and evidence? You can’t just state something and say it’s fact, this article is clearly just opinion.
    You also need to improve your grammar, all you’re proving is that most hunters lack education. Or that they are high school drop outs.
    While I am not completely against hunting as it is an integral part of life in certain areas, I am 100% against game hunting.

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