The more things change the more they stay the same.

It’s the dawn of a new era in America. It will be history in the making just like the last 8-year era, all the eras before them, and all to come. We all survived Obama–for better or worse–and we will all survive Trump.

The truth is, some people were better off under Obama’s reign. Mostly those that received handouts of some sort. Some were also worse off. I was worse off. Obama did nothing of benefit for me the last 8 years. I am self-employed and a small business owner, and Obama’s policies were horrible for that. I paid more taxes than ever. I had higher insurance premiums than ever, with worse coverage. I made less money than the previous 8 years. I lost freedoms, and even watched him appoint two justices to the SCOTUS that do not believe the 2nd amendment is an individual’s right.

My life was undoubtedly harder under the Obama administration than it was under Bush, or even under Clinton. I made more money from 2005 to 2008 than I had the entire rest of my life prior to that. I made less money from 2009 to 2012 than at any other period of my life. Sure, Obama was a smooth talker and acted fairly level headed in the press, but deep down his actions showed a disdain for capitalism and individual liberty. I am glad Obama is gone, and I am glad most of his failed policies will be done away with.

I am not confident that Trump will make many good policies. In fact, I only care about one thing that Trump will be able to do. He will be able to appoint SCOTUS members that are 2nd amendment friendly and that will uphold the most important individual right we have; that is the right to keep and bear arms to protect ourselves and our friends, family, and property. This is all I can really expect Trump to do.

Yes, I can HOPE that he and the GOP do more, but I don’t expect it. In fact, I don’t expect any political party or president to do anything of much worth, because none of them care about anything but staying in power and milking the public. I am not a doom-and-gloomer, but I am a realist. Obama was bad for most things I stand for, and Trump probably won’t be any better on most of them. I told a dear, die hard democratic friend 8 years ago, that I was cautiously optimistic when Obama came in and made his countless promises, but, of course, that was short-lived. I will give Trump the same latitude, but I realize the outcome will be almost the same.

All I can really expect is appointees to the SCOTUS that are 2nd amendment friendly, so when the congressional power switches hands again (and it will), I will not have to worry about my guns being taken or greatly limited.

My friends, all presidents are the same. They crave power and authority so they can dictate what the rest of us can and can’t do. They come into office with unknown intentions, for the most part, then get fat and rich off of us, and ride off into the sunset laughing all the way, four to eight years later.

Obama was no different, and the only difference when Trump’s reign is done will be that he was already rich. My friends, Obama was my president and now Trump is yours. Like him or not, he is your president. But rest well, my friends. In four to eight years you will have a new President, and depending on what side of the isle you sit, you will think he or she will be the savior or the devil as well.