no-tresspassingPrivate property rights go back to the very foundation of this country. People settled different parts of this country and made their homesteads. They built fences and improved water, planted crops and grazed livestock. Private property owners are great stewards of this land and their investments should be recognized, appreciated and respected.

Far to often those that do not have private property in the woods trespass, destroy, vandalize, litter and disrespect the land of those that own it. There tends to be a jealousy that runs deep when people are outdoors and come across no trespassing or no hunting  or keep out signs. Private property in the woods is no different then private property in the city. Trespassing in the woods is not different then trespassing in the city. You need permission and if you don’t get it you are breaking the law.

Now I don’t expect all of you to like what I am saying but none of you can deny that private property regardless of where is it is still private property, and if the property owner does not want you on it or to pass through it you need to respect that.

In the hunting world especially this is a problem. Some hunters believe that the no trespassing or no hunting or the keep out signs do not pertain to them. They destroy signs, break fences, litter the roads and over all disregard the landowners wish. This gives the law abiding hunters a bad name and pushes the landowner towards closing his or hers land even more. The old saying of 1 bad apple ruins the whole bushel is true. If people would respect the private property owners wishes they may very well be more likely to open it up when someone asks for permission.

Now it is true that some folks simply do not want you on their property and I am 100% fine with that. I don’t want people cutting across my lawn or walking through my backyard or littering on property. The property in the woods should be treated the same way.

A hunting license or fishing license does not grant you trespass privileges. It doesn’t matter if it is a long sought after permit or that you might of spent thousands of dollars on it. You need to gain permission to trespass and without it you are breaking the law.

I ask all you sportsman and sportswoman to honor private property rights. Those of you that don’t hunt or fish I ask you to do the same. Treat private property in the woods like you would treat private property in your neighborhood. Ask for permission before you cross onto private property. Respect the signs and the fences. Don’t destroy gates or buildings. And most certainly don’t shoot the signs. This is a big world with lots of public ground. Make sure you are respectful and law abiding when it comes to the laws of the land, and private property in the woods garners the same rights as private property in the city.