Ty Detmer and Scott Mitchell

Ty Detmer and Scott Mitchell in studio for 2 hours.

2016-08-24 Dr Kirt Kimball Orthopedic Surgeon Discussing Forte Elements Supplements

We are pleased to have in studio Doctor Kirt Kimball and his Physicians Assistant Doug Fillmore. Kirt, Doug and Tony discussed the benefits of proper nutrition before and after surgery. Supplements that enhance your bodies ability to heal itself and prepare your body for birthing a baby and recovery, also the nutrients needed for healthy bones, nerves and brain tissue.

Forte Elements was created by Doctor Kimball as the most beneficial way to deliver these nutrients to the body and aid in the body replenishing itself. Forte Elements is not some new supplement or science. Forte Elements took current science and study’s and put it in to one easy to use delivery system that is simple, safe and effective.