The Fear Pandemic!

There is not a more powerful or influential emotion than fear.

Not Love

Not Hate

Not Joy

Not Sadness

Not Empathy

Not Apathy



The Corona Virus like many illnesses before and like many that will come after cause fear. The masses can’t seem to understand that the fear mongering is actually worse than Covid 19. Yes Covid 19 should be taken seriously, especially by those that are older or immune compromised or any other ailment.

To the youth and young adults even up till 60 there is nothing to panic about. The numbers just don’t add up to the fear. People will die of the Covid 19, and many of them would of died by the health problems they were already dealing with, but the VAST majority will either not come down with it or the case will be so mild that they won’t even know they had it. These are simply the facts. The shame is the media and politicians and medical field will play this out till the last death. Countless deaths will be blamed on the Covid 19 and the majority of society will just take that as the facts even though the wise would be skeptical of it.

As I write this I still do not know a single person that has tested positive for Covid19. Not one. I know thousands and thousands of people all over this world and yet not a single one I am aware of has this virus. Now odds are that will change. I am bound to know someone who will come down with it and maybe even someone close to me. Possibly even myself. And maybe one of them will get really sick or heaven forbid die. But  if/when they do come down with it they will more than likely make a full recovery or not even know they have had it.

It is highly likely that I have either had the virus or have been in close contact with someone or many that have had it, and yet I either was immune to it or I got it and it was so mild I never knew I had it. This is also likely for all of you who are reading this.  The Virus itself is pretty weak. It can be killed with soap and water or hand sanitizer in just a matter of seconds. Proper respect should be given to this virus but it is not EBOLA or THE PLAGUE.    It’s not even close.

The old saying of “never waste a good crisis” is playing out right before our eyes on a level I have never seen in my 50 years on this planet. I thought the 911 tragedy was bad and feel for all those effected by it, but  the over reaction with the Patriot Act was what iced the cake. The reaction to the Covid 19 is looking like it will make the Patriot Act seem to be a picnic when it is all done.

Our rights that are suppose to be protected from the government are being taken by the government that the Constitution was put in place to restrain.  This is not an opinion this is a fact. Mayors and Governors are shutting down public places, ordering stay at home policies, making areas gun free, shutting down schools and businesses and overall wrecking the most bountiful economy of my lifetime and maybe the history of this country.  Some people will never recover from this and unfortunately many will take their own lives because of the devastation this over reaction is causing.

Ben Franklin made my favorite quote of all time, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety” . Now I have researched the context of this quote and in fairness he was not saying this as it appears, meaning not how people use it so freely, but that does not make the quote any less relevant to this or any other situation that infringes on  freedoms. He would likely say it if he were around now and it would pertain. Who of you would trade freedom for a little bit of security if the end result was you won’t get your freedoms back?

Now back to the point of this post, FEAR MONGERING is not a good thing. Rarely does anything good come from fear. What fear does is creates panic and irrational thinking and actions. Look at the run on toilet paper and bottled water. Look how it spread into flour and pasta, then milk and eggs. Everyone or should I say most everyone had FOMO (fear of missing out). Some idiot started buying TP and bottled water and all hell broke loose across this country and especially Utah.

I hunt bears, really big bears in real thick forests and dense brush. If I were to fear them or hunting them I would likely be dead several times over already.  There is no room for fear when one is trying to flourish. When people fear all rational thinking leaves their mind, they simply become dumb and cannot make good decisions.

Don’t think for a minute the government doesn’t understand this, don’t think your political leaders don’t use this to get bills passed and money funneled to “their” projects.  Religion uses fear, law enforcement uses fear, teachers use fear, bosses use fear and if I am being honest I am using some fear right now to an extent.

I fear one thing and one thing only, the loss of ANY more freedoms. I don’t fear death or taxes or bears or work or anything else, but I do fear the loss of freedom. Many country’s have fallen because their freedoms were either taken or they never had any. There has never been a Constitution like The United States of America has. It was written not to give us rights because those we are born with, but it was written and put in place to prevent the government from taking our rights. Look at the entire Bill of Rights, it is for us as individuals.

The right to free speech.

The right to keep and bear arms.

And they go on.

I have had several good friends unfriend me or block me from social media the last week, and some of these are friends I am in contact with a lot. I have been scolded and ridiculed, I have been called names and told I was ignorant. I have been cussed at and even threatened. All of this because I simply want people to understand that the fear mongering going on with Covid 19 and the rights being taken away will only get worse on the next “pandemic” because we are allowing it to happen now.

I am for all rights that don’t impose or take from another person, they are all important, whether you want to own a gun or marry someone of your same sex, whether you want to call me names or practice you own form of religion, whether you want to smoke weed or not go to school.

The freedom of association is being assaulted like never before in my life and the economy and many people are suffering because of it. When the Virus goes away and it will, we will of lost a little more freedom, we will be a step closer to socialism and then communism, we will accept it all in the name of “social security”. And before we know it we will not be a free people and this capitalistic country we know will be no longer.

So if you want to fear something fear this…… Fear being a sheep lead by a Shepard who says they are protecting you from the Big Bad Wolf yet in the end will slaughter you for his own gain. That my fellow Americans is what you should fear.

The Covid 19 is real, and it should be dealt with rationally, but “this to shall pass” and people will gear up for another “pandemic”. When this is done we will be a little less free, and little more irrational and a little more willing to give up freedom in the name of Social Security. Now that is something to fear.



  1. I appreciate your Genuine opinion and am with you 100%. Thank you!

  2. I heard you on the Radio this evening and thought I would find your blog and read it. I enjoyed your words on Fear and this Pandemic we are going through. I agree that people are over reacting and due to this we will loose freedoms we will never get back. For every law that is passed a freedom is lost. I wish the people who are making these decisions would ask themselves “ At What Cost”. We are in a lot of trouble in the future with all that is going on. I will save your blog and read them as you write more. I will also pass it to some more people that I feel are like minded as you and I are.
    God bless and keep up the work.

    • Tony Abbott

      April 2, 2020 at 8:12 pm

      Von, thanks for the message and you are spot on. I am just starting to get back to managing my blog and site. I will be more frequent for sure. Thanks for sharing with your people. It will only be people like you that help save this country from the madness.

  3. I appreciate your opinion, and agree about 99%. I had my next door neighbor test positive and be hospitalized, and my husband’s coworker tested positive and is on a ventilator, not expected to recover. I mention that just to say the threat is very real to me and my family. I am just praying this passes quickly and the ” normal” we return to isn’t too costly in terms of our freedoms

    • Tony Abbott

      April 2, 2020 at 9:16 pm

      Thanks for the message Debby, and yes I agree there is a threat, But I see the threat much bigger to our liberty than to our immediate health. I feel for those that this effects health wise, that will pass. The effect to our liberty will not. I don’t hold anger towards anyone that feels they need to be on lock down until this passes. We all in a free country should be able to make that choice. But that choice is being taken from us. That Debby is my great concern. Best wishes to those you know effected as well as to you and your family.

  4. There are a lot of people who understand what’s really going on here. I’m one of them . With this fear they have crashed the world economy . And much worse could be coming . The majority are blindly complying . I just finished a month long trip for work around the country and saw this unfold from Indianapolis, Atlanta, and Pittsburgh most I spoke too weren’t buying in to what is going on. I’ve checked the news every day to make sure we can work where we are as restrictions kept coming. I too am wondering why I’m not seeing more evidence of this virus . Right thinking people are already getting agitated with the damage this will cause greater than the virus. Worst case scenarios of the virus are still under many more illnesses and causes of death that come regularly each year. Why the hyper focus on this one? I’m scratching my head at the ability to orchestrate this globally. I know I’ve been ridiculed for this line of thinking. But I believe the deterioration of our freedoms are crumbling beneath our feet.

    • Tony Abbott

      April 3, 2020 at 10:14 pm

      Thanks for the message and we see things very much the same way. The numbers just don’t add up for the reaction. The fear mongering is much much worse than the virus itself. This is the greatest hoax played on the American people in my lifetime. We will never gain the liberty’s back that they are taking, and its all in the name of “social security”, People are freely relinquishing their rights. Its a sad sad thing.

  5. You always stand tall Tony that’s one of the reason I respect you so much. Let’s go kill another Big Brown Boy!

  6. Do you hunt those bears without a gun? Are you invisible? You seek them out so you can kill them. Not quite the same as a virus.

    • Tony Abbott

      April 7, 2020 at 6:18 pm

      You are correct, it is not the same as a virus and particularly as one as weak and fragile as the Corona Virus. All of the fear mongers and worriers are being proven wrong by the day. Covid 19 is weak and blown out of perspective. I welcome this virus to run its course so the world can see how idiotic they were. And bears will kill you and eat you almost every time. This virus Hardly even shows symptoms in 80% of the infected.

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