It’s the time of the year for joy and rejoicing. Snow, cold, party’s, eggnog, lights and countess other things related to this holiday season.

It’s a time to give and to receive. A time to serve and be served. A time to reminisce and look forward. This time of year can be one of generosity as well as greed.  People have and have not. Dreams are fulfilled and are crushed. We see the good in people as well as the bad. Whatever this season is to you I hope it does not disappoint

I find this time of year to be enjoyable mostly because I like to give more than receive. I like to see the smiles on families and friends faces when they open that much anticipated gift. I enjoy the smell of breakfast on Christmas morning and the sound of wrapping paper being wadded up and stuffed in a bag.

I like the peacefulness of empty streets, the calm of falling snow and the sound of silence. I like the sleepless Christmas Eve night, the anticipation of Santa and his Reindeer on the roof, the cookies and mike being consumed and the lights on the tree  blinking.

I like carols and hymns, I like bells and lights. There really is not a lot to not like about this time of the year. It doesn’t matter if you old or young, or rich or poor, we all have something we can enjoy this time of year. I believe most people are grateful for whatever they have.

I only have one request this holiday season. I am blessed to have the things in life I need and most of the things I want. I have health and a home. I have transportation and clothes. I have income and food. I have a family and some fame. I have traveled this world and spread my wealth. With all of this I only ask for one thing this season, and it really is simple.

I want there to be no liberals or conservatives. I want no Republicans or Democrats. I want no right or no left. I simply want us all to be americans.  If only for a day I want no party lines and no party affiliations. I want no majorities or minorities. I want us to be like I believe this country was set up to be. I want us to be the country of peace an prosperity.

We all have a wish and this is mine.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.