For those of you that hunt you understand the dynamics of America’s oldest pastime. For those of you that don’t these comments are for you.

Hunting has been around since the beginning of mankind. Slings and spears were the original weapons of choice and now it is  rifles, muzzle loaders and compound bows. Whatever your weapon of choice is “The Hunt” is much more important then the killing.

Hunting takes you to a place of solitude and reflection upon what this earth has to offer. Hunting puts your personal skills and abilities against mother nature and the animal we pursue.

Anyone that thinks it’s an “unfair” activity based on a rifle has never really hunted. The success of hunting deer with a rifle in the west is about 30%. That means 7 out of 10 hunters go home without an animal. Yet we continue  back into the woods to pursue that elusive buck or bugling bull.

Seeing a youth take his or hers first animal is a joy that cannot be put into words. The joy and excitement experienced by helping a young person fulfill a dream is priceless. My greatest days in the woods are with youth and new hunters.

Hunting puts more money into the conservation of wildlife then all anti hunting groups together.  Hunters put their money where their mouth is and foot the bill for almost every conservation project done in this country for wildlife and its habitat.

If you hunt I applaud you, if you don’t I encourage you to take it up and if you are against it I ask that you educate yourself on the importance of sportsman, hunting and the dollars we put into wildlife and it preservation.

We hunt because we love wildlife, we love the outdoors, we love the chase and most importantly we love to give back. Hunters are truly the leaders in wildlife conservation and preservation.

I hope to see you all on the mountain or in the woods, if we cross paths please stop me and say hello.