trump clinton


I have a recollection of every presidential election from Jimmy Carter in 1976 through Barrack Obama in 2012. That is 10 elections with the 11th on our doorstep.  That is 6 different Presidents from 2 different party’s. 3 Democrats and 3 Republicans. I have seen Americas first black president and now possibly Americas first female president. I have seen lots of change, some for the better and some for the worse. I have seen gas prices go through the roof as well as the stock market soar. I have also seen a gas shortage and a recession in the economy. I have voted Democrat and I have voted Republican. I even mixed in some Independents and Libertarians as well as I wrote myself in once or twice.

For the last 40+ years I have seen a lot of things in this country when it comes to politics and the economy. Right now I am seeing something that is more unexplainable then anything I have seen with politics and the presidential race. I am watching the American people support 2 candidates that are so far from “qualified” for the office for very different reason and I have very few explanations for it. 

I have read and listened and researched and discussed this more then I care to remember. This election cannot get over soon enough yet it is the most important of my lifetime and for the future of this country. Anxiously engaged is an understatement and I have come to my wits end with this soon to be disaster.

I somewhat understand why the Republican base is supporting TRUMP in record numbers. After 2 Bushes in the last 4 presidencies and another Bush that campaigned this year it is easy to see why the Republican base wanted something different. They were tired of the same old policies and ideas that the GOP offered and they figured why not get behind some guy that is unpredictable and brash and that by all accounts looks to be beholden to no one. True change for better or worse is what the base wants.

I also see why the Democrats are supporting CLINTON. They believe the Bill Clinton presidency was the greatest in the last 50 years and they believe Hillary will be part II. She also is not Trump who jeopardizes everything they stand for and at the end of the day Hillary will simply continue to push Obamas agenda and things will remain status quo for the most part.

But lets look at it a little deeper and why I believe this election will be a disaster.

If Trump wins we simply don’t know what direction he will go in, but we do know the left will most likely riot and they will burn down cities and loot businesses and break the laws of the land and basically try to destroy this nation. Anyone that has been watching this election process sees that this has already been happening and that the lefts supporters are by far the most violent sector of this election. If Trump is elected we simply don’t know what he will do but we do know something will happen, and something is better to the base then the same thing.

If Hillary wins the national debt will increase, welfare will grow, gun rights will be endangered and the military will suffer.  These are things that Clinton 1 pushed and things that Obama pushed as well. Anyone that looks at history knows this to be true. A Clinton presidency will be going down the same road we are currently on which according to most economists is an accident that will happen and the crash will be unrepairable.

So why is it that Clinton part II looks all but guaranteed? Why is it that the polls show a landslide win in the electoral race for Clinton? How is it that someone so corrupt that lies so much that it is now common place looks to be a shoe in? How can someone with a long long history of questionable acts and ethical behavior be the choice of the electoral college?

How can Trump who is beholden to no one, who is not taking big business money, someone who is endorsed by the NRA, has a giant lead among veterans and the military and who has a terrific track record on business, be hated so much by the left and opposed by the GOP leadership?

It really is simple once you look into it. The rights leadership would rather screw their constituents so they keep their cushy lives and perks rather then support a guy that will make them all accountable and have to answer for many many failed policies over the years.

The left has enabled the poor,  the lazy, the moochers, the illegal immigrants and those that for the most part don’t want to earn for themselves legally. The left has embraced the concept of Santa Clause. GIVE GIVE GIVE. Ask people whats on their wish list and simply give it with no thought of what long term repercussions will come of it. The left has decided that if they tax those that work and give it to those that don’t or won’t they can stay in power and get fat all the while the nation crumbles around them.

Trump is a businessman that has contributed to this country through his businesses and ideas his entire life. He has mostly self funded his campaign more then any recent presidential candidate and he has cut no deals with either side to push his agenda. He had his billions before he decided to run for office and quit frankly has spent more on this campaign then he ever stands to make being president.

The Clintons are career politicians. The had a modest net worth as far a rich people stand when their political careers started. Now that worth is between 50-100 million dollars. How does a politician who works for the people increase their worth over 50-100 times? How can any public servant make that much money off of serving the people? How can any sane person look at the Clintons and say they are good for America and America is greater because of them?

It’s really simple to answer, they are today’s modern day Santa Clause that somehow gets paid. They believe in giving stuff out for “free” so those that receive it will continue to vote them into positions of power. They promise something for nothing and unfortunately the american people are buying into it.

In 2 short months this country will have a new president. It will either have one that has made her millions off of “serving the people” or one that is beholden to none.  It will have a president who puts America first or puts herself first. It will have a president who is a career politician or not a career politician. America will elect someone who can’t remember how to tell the truth or someone that tells the truth “too much”. America will either elect Santa Clause or Work a Clause.

At the end of this election America will be on a direct course. Either one that takes from those that work and gives to those that don’t or won’t, or a course where everyone must work to contribute to the future of the worlds greatest country. There is still a chance to  steer the course back to where the founders directed us over 200 years ago. There is a chance to make all Americans accountable and get all people to contribute to the greatest country this world has ever seen. There is a chance to help people help themselves. There still is a chance to save our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. And even if that chance is 1 in a million it is still a chance.

I hope that “Work a Clause” prevails and this country becomes the great country its forefathers envisioned once again. Unfortunately I believe Santa Clause will conquer. After all you really can’t beat Santa Cause!